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Spiritual plan

Before building on a construction site or drawing on a paper, man uses his intelligence and wisdom to set up a virtual construction plan we call "spiritual plan". The creation method used by the Eternal to create the heavens and the earth is similar to that of the man who is made in the likeness of Eternal. Let's take the example of making a home.

Proverbs 3:19  The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth, hath established the heavens by prudence.

Proverbs 24:3  By wisdom the house shall be built, and by prudence it shall be strengthened.


In our spiritual plan, abstract ideas are invented and created. Everything that exists in our mind should take shape in a reality, like a painter who starts painting on his canvas. The Eternel uses energy and material to organize things and bring the life, we know the solar system takes on accurate universals laws to keep life on earth. Our blue planet and the human body are so well organized that we have difficulty imagining it could be the work of chance, could we argue that a house sheltering the life was the product of probabilities or statistics? Observing our environment, it reveals the presence of a creator, let's look at the things made around us, in your actual room (chair, wardrobe, walls...) and things outdoors (bees make honey, the birds make their nests...). We need intelligence, wisdom, effort  for a man builds foundations, framing, electricity for a house, is it easier to believe that the house of men and animals come from random ? Fortunately, many people and some scientists has been keeping faith in a creator.


We were not present on the day of creation, we have not seen, with our own eyes, the beginning of the nature cycles (seasons, the water cycle, grass...), but we have a good reason to conclude that even this cycles of nature are created. There are things scheduled for a time, we have biological cells which work like machines in our human body. Let's imagine that this cell could be renew continually, the death would lose his power. The Bible annouces a creator from the first verse of the Bible, scientifically we know about the emergence of life on Earth, it is interesting to read that a similar order in the book of Genesis, written there are more than 2,000 years ago:

Firstly, Creation of the heaven and this earth < arrangement of a water planet (blue planet) < appearance of Light for life < formation of the atmosphere and cycle of water < production of plants < * appointment of luminaries < creation of animals from the water < formation of animals from the dust < creation of the human being and spiritual education for the modern men.


* If you read the first chapter, luminaries seems to be made on the fourth day, but the verse 1 of Genesis tells they are already created. The text wants to tell us that luminaries didn't have their respective roles to mark the seasons and light on the earth in the beggining, for the Earth was covered up by thick clouds and gases. Furthermore it wasn't disposed correctly around the sun to receive the light in a constant and uniform manner. There were big disruptions on the earth (earthquakes, volcanos, formation of the core and crust...) and luminaries were designed to set and serve the planet (Psalm 104:19 ; Psalm 8: 3). The Bible doesn't teache stars and the sun were created after our planet (Job 38:7). The hebrew word "asah" doesn't only mean "make" ("God made two great lights"), but "appointed, appropriated" in the sense of a accomplishment of the task, creation. That is an evidence when we know the heavens and stars are already created in verse 1.


Genesis means "beginning" and the first verse of the Bible explains Eternal created firstly the heavens and the Earth in an indefinite epoch. Afterwards, we learn this Earth was covered of water and the creation takes place in six days from this moment. These are not literal 24-hour days, but they are six stages of construction. We know that the length of time is perceived differently by different creature, a butterfly will live a few hours or days when man lives for years and Eternal does not have a notion of time. The word "day" is "yom" in hebrew, it is means a period of time, an era too, the creation could have taken millions of years, the writer doesn't know and it is not the aim to give a dating. Others texts about a creation exist before Genesis, but the inspiration of the Eternal brings us unto the truth in our spiritual evolution.

Psalms 90:4  For a thousand years in thy sight are as yesterday, which is past. And as a watch in the night, (2 Peter 3: 8).

Hebreux 11:3  By faith we understand that the world was framed by the word of God: that from invisible things visible things might be made. (Genesis 1:1)


Dear readers, the "how" of our existence is explained by the Bible and even better by science through the details it provides, but it is the half of our work to understand the creation. Don't we want to know the "why" of our presence? The spiritual plan from a person is created for an aim, the happenstance has no place again. The good news is that Eternal desire a creator, an impulse of love to create something, like a woman who wants to give birth. The Eternal considers man as the principle of its creation, everything is created through him who has to live on Earth. The builder did not build an house to let it empty! Eternal has a picture from the beginning, the human after his likeness, full of wisdom and understanding, like a son representing his glory. The Gospels provide insight into the development of this image he has from the beginning "messiah's image" (anointed one / christ / loved child), it means the accompliish man, the word of the Eternal, he summarizes the Alpha and the Omega, the plan of Eternal from A to Z. He is the son of the almighty one that he desired before the beginning, his mind corresponds to the man he was waiting in his spiritual plan and he wanted him through Adam and his seed. Messiah spirit = image of Eternal in a human body and many men with his image.

Matthew 5: 9  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.













The Mankind (adam)

Generally, religions teach that the Creator made a single human couple who would be the origin of all the human races on Earth. Contrary to popular belief, the Bible does not necessarily teach that the Eternal created a single male man or a single human couple. If we believe that many plants and animals appeared on the Earth, why do we think the creator formed only a single couple of human? For example, Eternal did not create a single snake which has lived in a garden, this beast represents the animal of the field in general (Genèse 3:1) and the reasoning animal inside the man. If the snake and the man in Eden represent a specie in general, all men are confronted to the knowledge of the good and evil like this adam in the spiritual garden, and all this kind of snake lost theirs legs. The reptilian experts explain that the snake lowered to the ground in their evolution, this is the reason that the hebrew word "adam" which appears for the first time in the creation of Genesis 1:26 does not refer to the first name "Adam" with a capital "A", as if he was the unique person. The word "adam" means a lot of times in the Bible "mankind, humanity, men". We have a proof of this definition in the verses of the bible, the man and woman are two characters who have a single name: adam.

Genesis 5: 2 He created them male and female; and blessed them: and called their name adam, in the day when they were created.


In Genesis 1:26, the creator created the humanity and we have no indication about the quantity or the number of males and females in verse 27. The word "adam" comes from the root "adama" which means "ground, earth" and it is for this reason that the human comes from element of the earth in the same way as animals. We see similarity with the animal side, when we die, we return to dust.

Genesis 1:27 And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them.


The First name "Adam" appears only to refer to an ancestor of Israel, a part of the mankind. When you read the word "Adam" at the beginning of Genesis, we must not confuse human ancestor of the Israel people (Adam) AND the mankind (adam). In the original text, we have no periods, commas, capital and must therefore choose between "Adam" and "adam" in the case we use capital letters in our translation.

Genesis 5: This is the book of the generation of Adam. In the day that God created man, he made him to the likeness of God.

Genesis 5:2  He created them male and female; and blessed them: and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.


In the reading, if we put capitals everywhere for the name "adam", we understand that the verses speak only of one man named "Adam". However, if we remove the upper case letter and replace the word "adam" by "Man", we can understand the text differently. "Adam" would be the descendant of a people among mankind "adam". We can read that in others Bibles:

Genesis 5: 1 This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man (adam), he made him in the likeness of God.

Genesis 5: 2 He created them male and female, and blessed them; and he called their name man (adam), the day they were created.


The text makes the link between two ideas which make up the continuity of the biblical story. Adam is a man like us, but the Bible is talking about his genealogy (Genesis 4:26...). It is through him that the knowledge of the Eternal came, he is placed in the spiritual garden, chosen comme Abraham and the prophets (Isaiah 41: 8, Jeremiah 1: 5). It is not a mark of superiority to be elected, but a grace, the method used to spread information among men. An exceptional scientific revolution the science by his discovery and help other scientists to result with him, the science grows for everybody through him. This man who is cultivated in the garden of Eden represents the mankind who awake at the moral law of the creator. The Hebrew people (don't confused with the actual religion of the current Judaism) is the pivot point to reveal Eternal to the Gentiles, but they are men like us, they were sometimes barbaric and idolaters, as some passages of the Bible.


The symbolic story of chapter two and three of Genesis is still valid through parables that are made to be a universal teaching, even if we are not from the genealogy of Adam but we make an identification to him, he is the first man who open his mind to the moral of Eternal in Israel. We use the same notion with Yeshwa (Jesus) the Israelian who is not the last man to exist on the Earth, but the last man from Israel who open the new era or age for whosoever want to be identify and change in him (2 corinthians 15:45 ; Revelation 21:5).


Let's remember the story of Cain, the first born of the couple Adam and Eve. He killed his brother out of jealousy and was expelled by Eternal out of his territory. Why was he afraid of being killed? Was he obligated to practice incest with his sister like the tradition teaches us? Adam and Eve were young, did they have a lot of children before the birth of Seth? (Genesis 5:4)

Genesis 4:14 Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the earth; I shall be hidden from thy face I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.

Genesis 4:15 And the LORD said unto him, If anyone kills Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.

Genesis 4:16 And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, east of Eden.


There is a period of time between the man created in chapter one who have to multiply and replenish the Earth and the man farmer in Mesopotamia of the chapter 2. Others men were living outside of the territory of Adam Israel. To conclude this chapter, let's give an explanation for the last arguments which maintain the fact there weren't others men in the time of Adam. Every one of us can draw his own conclusion :

* Mother of the living: Genesis 3:20 tells us that Eve is the mother of all living. Eve means precisely "give life", we can think about the wife ("Isha" in hebrew) give life (Eve) to men (adam). Scientifically, we can think of the "mitochondrial Eve"  or the awareness of the female side in the biosphere since the beginning of the creation, "all the living".


* The Flood : The members of Noah's family are not the ancestors of all men on the planet. Please, read the table in the end of the page, in the "symbolism" section.


* Romans 5:12

Romans 5:12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and so death passed upon all men, because all sinned
Romans 5:13 For until the law sin was in the world. But sin is not imputed when there is no law (A)

Romans 5:14 but death reigned from Adam to Moses, even on those not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression (B), which is the figure of him that was to come...

Notice that Paul tells us that men die because they "all sinned". Before entering in the spiritual garden of Eden, the sin existed, but they were ignorant for their lack of spirituality,the sin was not imputed (A). In their freedom, they need to evolute spiritually to understand the morale of the Eternal and the sense to the creation. The mistake in front of the law is an education too. We can read that others men did not sin like Adam (B), there is no transmission error, but a personal knowledge broadcast inside the people, particulary in the world of Israel (erets Israel). In the following verses, it is written that all men or many men are sinners because of Adam, so, many men are justified by adopting the spirit of the Messiah. Children are not guilty for their parents and don't die by their faults (Ezechiel 18:20) but they seem physically and mentally to their parent ("the power of members or of the nature"). The spirit of the messiah is accessible for all men too but everyone will not be justified.


* Acts 17:26 : and he made one (blood) every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times and the boundaries of their habitation,

The word "blood" does not appear in the Greek manuscripts (Douay Rheims Bible, the Vulgate, Wescott and Hort...etc), and "one-only" is not necessarily correlated with the blood. Paul spoke to the philosophers in Athens about the breath of life that the Creator gave to nations. There is not a superior race made by some gods. The verse 27 reinforce the fact that the spirit of Yeshwa (Jesus) or of Eternal is accessible for all mankind who search the Eternel in a spiritual garden since the creation. The French and English Bible of Jerusalem translates this verse differently:

"If a single principle/stock he made all mankind to live on all the face of the earth, and he allotted the times determined and limits the habitat of men,"


* Corinthians 15:45 :  And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

We don't need to understand that Adam was the first man on the Earth, if it would be the case, we would admit that Jesus is called Adam and would be the last man to exist. The verse quote Genesis 2:7, we can not undestdand that a indivual man is the first and only man to exist, it seems better to read the original verse written in hebrew before a translation.











Evolution of Men

The current world situation is far from being a paradise and sometimes we listen people saying that the creator can't be perfect since man created in his image is not. Yet, the book of Genesis said that all the things that were done were "very good", what does it mean so? If the creation of the first chapter of Genesis is only a beginning, that means there is a continuity to the story to reach a goal. The six days of the creation are very good because they are just unfinished, it means the creation shall grow freely and at it pace for a period indeterminate. Let's take the example of the man, it was very good to create him, but he will be growing in the spiritual garden of Eden in Chapter 2 of Genesis. He will awaken to the consciousness of good and evil in front of the spiritual moral of the creator. The way we were created is very good because we are free! We create our universe on Earth, in the manner of the Eternal who created the heavens and the earth in Genesis 1.

Genesis 1:31  And God saw all the things that he had made, and they were very good. And the evening and morning were the sixth day.

Deuteronomy 30:15  Consider that I have set before thee this day life and good, and on the other hand death and evil:


Man is dust in the same way as animals, it arrives last in the order of apparition of species, science and Genesis are in agreement on that. If "dust man" is fashioned from the earth thanks to the Eternal the potter (Genesis 2: 7; Isaiah 29:16), we can assume that all creatures from the soil have some common points with us. The first plants and animals are like us in some ways because we are from the same principle of life, he gave two eyes to see, a nose for breathing, one mouth to eat, a brain to activate our skeleton and hair growing on our body like on the ground. We are creatures that possess a mind or spirit that depends on the capacity of our brains, we must take care of animals and the nature connected with us on Earth. The man has a second image that distinguish him from of the creation, he is in the likeness of the Creator (Genesis 1:26).


The Israelian apostle Paul and the Genesis explain that different bodies are formed from the same source, let's mention the water where swarmed all living creatures (1 Corinthians 15: 36-45, Genesis 1:20). Eternal makes a multitude of DNA or a multitude of "seeds" which will grow to form different species, and one of them will manifest one day the humanity in its evolution. The life, death, reproduction are steps of this evolution and the important idea is that the program of a specimen still living through the production of a new body. Indeed, if we think, a body that is dying continues to exist by creating it own seed. We have the tangible example of the father who spreads his own genes to beget a child, he continues himself to live by becoming his own zygote. Even the Bible talks about a possibility of evolution, the message of the Gospel which announced the coating of a new glorious body through the resurrection, in the world that is coming. The man is aware and free to choose his evolution in being transformed by the word of Eternal. The Israelian man Yeshwa shows the path for becoming a life-giving spirit (1 Corinthians 15:45), it is an evolution inside the creation and this caterpillar is the first-born of all creatures and creations by its transformation into a beautiful butterfly with colors of the rainbow.


If the first human race spreads biologically the life and the knowledge to children in the manner of Adam, the second human race can spread the heavenly life in the manner of the man who becomes the Messiah (1 Corinthians 15:47). The word "heavenly" does not mean that man begin to fly in the heaven, but he is invigorated by the spiritual qualities of the YHWH who wants to keep and renew him (Galatians 5:22). To believe in Yeshwa (Jesus) doesn't mean to worship him as the creator god of the universe, this is to believe in his ideas and words that he gives through the Eternal. Eternal is with him, in him.

John 11:25  Jesus said to her: I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, although he be dead, shall live:

John 14:20  In that day you shall know that I am in my Father: and you in me, and I in you.


Regarding at behaviors of men in the Bible, this subject is often a cause of misunderstanding for readers who imagine Eternal communicated with perfect men in a perfect world. Contrary to this idea, the word of Eternel is often announced because people are unfair (1 timothy 1:9), let's remember that men need to grow spiritually, we have to put ourselves in their epoch to a better understanding of the texts, the nations didn't have the same culture as us and they were more primitives or barbarians. It is written man drink firstly milk in the manner of Adam or a baby before starting to eat solid food (Hebrews 5: 12-14). The animal man or the man of the beginning practiced incest, polytheism, polygamy, wars, and he worships statues and money, the spiritual law of Eternal reveals the human's mistake during his spiritual evolution. Let's try to explain some difficult passages of the old covenant, we need to take in consideration the fact that Eternel allows our choice for us to be responsable because we are free :


* A monarchy : Nations invented a monarchy and Israel adopted it, but Eternal didn't want necessarily it (1 Samuel 8: 4-7). Eternal "authorizes" this choice, like a children's caprice with their parents, men are free. Wanting to do like the other nations, Israel modify his history and was the messiah will be a 'king" in the spiritual plan of Eternal.

* A house for Eternal : Construction of a house for the Creator who line in heavens and earth. Eternal "authorizes" again their choice, but it was not obligated (1 Samuel 7:2-13, Acts 7:48). Eternal offers all to men as long as he doesn't practice the evil.

* Polygamy and divorce : We are imperfects and the Law of Moses corrects us, we need to know the will of the Eternal. In the beginning, man and woman are one flesh (Mark 10:2-9).

* Animal Sexuality : Incest, homosexuality, zoophilia are practices don't correspond to the logic of the creation, the law of Moses forbid these practices (Leviticus 18: 6-23). Some parts of the law are not appropriated for sexual relations (there are dirty places in the body). Consanguinity is also bad  according to the law of Moses and science. The mind of the Eternal separates us of the animal stage.

* Slavery : It is true we created an imperfect world cause the wars, but slaves in the bible don't have a relation with the colour of the skin and they are not bunted in a prison. Slaves belong to someone who has a lot of possessions, they are "servants" poorer. This practice will disappear with the appropriate law in the time of the Messiah.

* Severe Sentence : Readers are often shocked by the condemnations of the law (stoning, beheading...). Eternal wanted to establish a kingdom on the spot, so the sanctions were applied directly. However, Eternal showed his law was too holy and too high to be supported by men of this time, it is the lesson that we retain : the force will not the means of establishing the kingdom.

* Circumcision Circumcision and excision : Difficult subject that was discussed among the Israelian disciples of Yeshwa in Acts 15:2. Nowoday, some Jews are against the circumcision, Eternal did not create man to cause him pain and withdraw a natural part of his flesh. It is interesting to read that the Eternal wanted to kill Moses (Exodus 4). He had to represent the law. Did he have understand what Paul knew later about this,subject ? Abraham represents the righteous circumcised and uncircumcised (Romans 4: 11-13) and this mark who was Egyptian can show maybe an imperfection on the flesh with the law of the Perfect Eternal. About excision, it is worse and we need to teach ethnics groups to change this traditional divine practice.

* Sacrifices: Eternal doesn't need sacrifices. The story of Abraham is a great spiritual teachings at the time, it explains that the creator does not want human sacrifices in the way of evil customs created by stupid people, perverted by their imaginary gods. This story seems simple and logical today, but it was important to help man to understand the creator. But all is not understood, Eternal doesn't want  animals sacrifice too because accomplished men dominate the sin, he gives entirely his soul to the father of the creation. (Hebrews 10).













One Eternal alone

We notice during the days of creation that all verbs are conjugated in singular except the verse 26, showing that the Eternal is only to create in the beginning. However, a large majority of Christians believe that one God in three people or some angels-gods created the universe. The Trinity and Jehovah's Witnesses believe that a being called "Jesus" is in heaven as the creator or co-creator with the Eternal. These interpretations are based on a small quantity of verses and we will discuss about the identity of the man Yeshwa (Jesus) in the next theme of our home page. Well, how to explain this verse 26 so much discussed for centuries because of this plural? "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness".


We have found no creation in plural before the man, creatures are not in the likeness of the Eternal, nor created by several beings. The verse represents a particular intention to make man with the image of his creator, without rejecting the fact he is created in the likeness of the previous creation. The fact that man is the image of the Eternal is a supplement which stands him out from the rest of creation. So, the man has a resemblance with the creation AND the creator. Let's add more details :


* The image of creation: Man is often compared to a tree, but mostly he has some physical and behavioral similarities with the animal. We dominate as the lion, prudent as a snake, protective as the gorilla and let's not fail to emphasize the spiritual ideas or visions of angels in human and animal faces. In addition, we understand from the Bible that the man who doesn't listen Eternal is compared to an animal, the book of Apocalypse tells that the number of the beast is a number of men (Ezekiel 10:14, Habakkuk 1:14; Revelation 13: 17-18).


* The image of the Creator: The woman and the man have spiritual characteristics which allow them to rule over the other creatures. We have the ability to think about our origin and can project ourselves into the future like YHWH. The resemblance with the Eternal is not biological but spiritual (John 4:24) and in his spiritual plan, the accomplished man is one who possesses all the divine qualities. The final man represents the word of Eternal, it is the birth of a glory son who was born incorruptible above all corruptible creatures or creations (1 Colossians 1:15). The whole kingdom is created in him, for his sake.


Eternal sees things that should come as if they were under his eyes, same if it doesn't exist yet on Earth. "Abraham" was the father of many nations before the multitude exist (Genesis 17: 5), Jeremiah was a prophet before he was born (Jeremiah 1: 5) and the accomplished man or the messiah (a man who has the spirit of the Eternel) was also present in the spiritual plan of the Eternal although this kind of man he did not already exist. The verse 26 is an intention that is realized with the collaboration of men or ideas foreknow which help us in our spiritual evolution (Ephesians 1: 4).

Romans 4:17 (As it is written: "I have made you a father of many nations") before God he believed,-which gives life to the dead and calls those things which be not as though they were...


Some believers think Eternal speak with angelic creatures to explain this plural, but our arguments above do not allow to make an affirmation. Suddently, Are they going to start creating man with the Creator ? Angels are never used to create, they are messengers (flames of fire), they appear to a special moment chosen by Eternal in order to represent some spiritual realities and reflect his will through visions, dreams, symbolic texts. The designer showed modesty and share using the plural, because the verse 27 reminds us that it is the only one:

Genesis 1:27 And God created man in his image; He created him in the image of God; He created them male and female.


The names "Elohim", "YHWH" and men of the Bible helps us understand sharing the unity of Eternal with creation. God (Elohim) is only one Eternal (YHWH) in Deuteronomy 6: 4.

YHWH means approximatively "I will be what I will become" and the name Elohim "the Mighties one in the mighties / judges". Angels appear as it pleases and they are not gods-angels who save the planet like in the Greek pantheon." Eternal saves man by man, a descendant of Adam united with the Eternal or his spirit (Romans 5:14, 1: 3).


    - Genesis 3:22 And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil. Lest the...

This verse is a proof of the intention to make man in the likeness of the Eternal. The Hebrew word translated "of us" can also be read "of him," we move from the first person of plural to the third person of singular. This is obvious if we refer to the main objects of this story that will allow man to open his eyes: The tree of knowledge of good and evil. Man has become like him. The Jew Rashi¹ explains this verse as follows: "Behold man has become as an only one of his own species". We bear the fruit of this tree, good and evil. The arrival of a symbolical angel makes us understand that man could not eat the fruit of life because he falls down spiritually in front of the moral of the Eternal. This story is obviously symbolic, the Bible often speaks in parables (Psalm 87:2; matthew 13: 34...).


    - Genesis 11: 5-7 "Let the Lord came down ... and confond"...

In this verse, the men were not simply seeking to multiply on the territory, they wanted to be united and rised unto the heaven in building the tower of Babel. Pharaohs, kings, presidents want to show their power, but they forget that the power of the Eternal is in the simplicity of heart. Eternal said: "let us go down and confond". We know he doesn't need to go down literally or to see what happened, this is an anthropomorphism in the "Bible anotée" in french², see also Psalm 33: 13-22 (verse 15); Isaiah 6: 8; 1 King 22: 20-22. I think Eternal puts his mind on people who defend his ideas on Earth, it is the reason of divisions between the will of the Eternal and the will of man (Matthew 25 : 32-33). The thoughts of the Eternal come from heaven unto men (Jacques 1:17). The difference of languages existed before the story of the babel tower (Genesis 10:5), it is a prove that the text speak of a particular earth or a nation.













Creation Table

Introduction :

We know that many ancient texts about cosmology exist before and after the one in the Bible, we can find some similarities between them and it is not derogatory to the Bible. Let's not try to confront those stories among them thinking that one is true and others are false, it would recuse the understanding of the spiritual evolution of man during it his history. It is true that the story of the Bible differs from other texts since is very close to the reality, but we must take into account the thoughts of other men who also wanted to understand how they appeared on Earth. Through ancient texts they have bequeathed to us, we can build a relation with the text of the Bible as if our view would improve. In science, we are improving our understanding of the universe step by step until we find the truth, why would not this the same principle spiritually in our relationship with the Creator? Today, it is still remarkable to read major truths in this perennial cosmology of the Bible.

It is not by chance that chapter 1 of Genesis uses only the name "Elohim" translated "God" in our translations, the man could not see very well his creator and Elohim" is a appropriate name. This name can be singular and plural and we know only and simply that all things are by him, he is the source, "The Almighty - in them" (Elohim).

The lack of spiritual discernment of man about the identity of the creator is perfectly reflected in the knowledge of the name that tantalizes our imagination, we are in a "Monopolyhélléthéism". Do not try to find this chimerical word in the dictionary, I simply expresses the presence of the polytheism, Hellenism and monotheism in the human mind at the beginning of our humanity. However, the Chapter 2 of Genesis enhances our understanding because we read that his name is "Eternal", the name comes from Exodus 3:14 and confirms absolute monotheism unlike Elohim remains unclear. "Eternal" is the name that is made known in the Time with the man: "I was, I am, I will"; I will be what I will be" ; "I will be".

Genesis 1 :

Verse 1: "In beginning (Time) God (Inteligence) created (Energy) heaven (Dimentions, matter) and earth (planet)".

Different scientific theories explain our origin, the Big-Bang is not incompatible with a creator because we have a beginning. Eternal is the source of energy during the creation of the universe that is incredibly accurate. Formerly, people thought the universe was infinite and static, science has been developed too, fortunately. According to the Bible, our universe is created (Psalm 148: 1-5) and the heavens seem to stretch (Isaiah 45:12), his army (stars, sun and moon) is like angels organized to keep our heavens. Suns pass away and others appear letting us imagine that we are in an invisible body that breathes and renews these cells. Our present heavens have its own cells or stars, they were created and organized in our beginning.

Verse 2: The planet was deserted and confused like other planets, the terms "tohu wa bohu" are used in Jeremiah 4: 23-26. The author tells us that the breath of the Eternal covered this planet which contained later water on its surface, this is why we call it the "blue planet", like the Bible. Eveni if many "ideal conditions" occur on other planets, the human race could not be created at random, we really need a special attention, a hen covering her egg or a couple who decides to have a child. We need the will of Eternal.

Verset 3-4: The word of the Eternal is not created, it is the expressive light of his identity. The light "appeared" on Earth, Eternal is himself the true light (Psalm 4: 6 ; 2 Samuel 22:9 ; 1 John 1: 5; Psalms 119: 105), the sun is useless without the will to bring the light of life (Apocalypse 22: 5). The light is materialized by the sun, it brings gleam on Earth which will stabilize on its orbit.

Verse 5: A day in Genesis is a step of the creation. The words days (light) and night (darkness) are employed and they imply a rotation. In archeology, we know that the potters in Mesopotamia made cylinder seals that turn around themselves (Job 38: 12-14), just like the earth.

Verset 6-8: The water state changes through light and heat. A separation appears between solid and liquid water (water bottom), and water that escapes into the air (high water), so was formed the atmosphere called "firmament". It is an oxygen space where the water cycle will be done, we have a description in Job 36: 27-28. The conditions on the planet didn't allow to observe the stars around the earth because of the gas and clouds.

Verse 9-13: Dry appears because the water continues to reduce on Earth. The first seaweed appears and the swamps is ready to grow. Without total light, plants are able to exist even in the depth of oceans. The heavens shall be observable in the next verses.

Verset 14-19: The sun, the stars, the moon are presented by the expression " behold, let there be lights", in the same way than the verse 3. They are not created because Heavens were already created in verse 1, before the first day of creation. Please refer to the first chapter of this page for more explications about these lights.

Verset 20-23: The first life forms appear in the water according to the Bible and the science. We have large and smaller creatures that move, others have wings above the water (poultry). The word translated "bird" should be translated "flying creatures" because Hebrews did not have the same categorization of species than us. For example, the bat is not a bird or an animal for them, but a "flying creature".

Verset 24-31: The Earth produces living creatures and the mankind will be created at the end of the sixth day. The word "adam" means "mankind", there was not a single man. We have a new creature, a new DNA. They receive the order to multiply, so there were other men when Cain has been chased away of his land.

Genesis 2 :

Verse 1-3: The Chapter one would normally stop at verse 3-4.

Verses 4-5: Let's note the repetition and inversion of terms "heaven" and "earth", it is written "earth and heaven". That explains that man will create his own land and heaven on Earth. This inversion means too we move from a literal reading to a spiritual reading because man need to be intelligent and cultivate to create his universe. In the spiritual plan of the Eternal, nothing exists without the desire to see the mankind with his image, he wants to see man taking care of the creation. We have the idea of growing of the ground when it mentions a kind of vegetation that grows by the hand of man. Imagine yourself on a dry earth in Egypt or in the wilderness of this web site, we need the water of life to live, the rain of the heavens need to come...

Verset 6: The word earth in Hebrew is called "eretz" and refers to the entire planet, a country or part of a territory. The water came over the whole surface of this ground, probably in Mesopotamia (Psalm 107: 35, Isaiah 41: 18-19). The idea of a climatic change is possible too because a garden is planted to bring the vegetation of the verse 5. The Eden garden is the home of our spiritual path in the desert.

Verse 7: The man is not created in this verse, he is shaped or figuratively determinate to enter in his spiritual plane. We often think that this verse explains the origin of man, from the dust of the earth, but I rather think it is a condition or a title : the "Man dust (Genesis 3:22) of the earth". Eternel shaped or determinate the man dust of the earth in breathing and raising his spiritual capacity  (Zechariah 12: 1 Job 32: 8; John 20:22) to possess the full human mind (spirit and body together). In fact he was ready to develop the spiritual inclination of the good and the bad. "The soul" is not an invisible and éternelle thing, man is a special soul among animals. This man is different and we can see the homo sapiens who means "wise man". The spirit transforms us.

Verset 8-17: Description of the garden, rivers brings life and vegetation.

Verset 18-20: Animals are not created too, but shaped or determinate like the man in verse 7. This is not all the creatures, but the beast of the field who went to see Adam in the garden. The man named them and theirs capacities will grow in his contact, maybe he domesticated one of them. They are like new animals.

Verset 20-25: For the first time, the man dust of the earth is called a responsible and fair man, "Ish" in hebrew. The man will sleep for a time until his wife appears : "Isha" in Hebrew. The word "rib" means "near by" in the figurative sense and the word flesh "bazar" in hebrew does not only refer to physical skin, but also to psychological or mental part of man. The man realized the important of the woman (Isha) when he woke up, this is his symmetry except the little line across the chromosomes 23 XY...

Symbolism :

* The serpent in the garden: This is not an evil angel, but a wild beast, the verse clearly says "the beast of the field which God had made." This snake represent the animal mind, the one we observe in nature and can adopt. This is the animal spirit. According to experts of the reptile, the snake was lowered to the ground during its evolution, amazingly this is what the Bible tells us.

* The trees of the garden: Trees represent men and they produce fruits (Psalms 37:35, Proverbs 15: 4, Jeremiah 17: 8, Ezekiel 17:24 e 31:8, Matthew 3:10; Luke 6:43; Apocalypse 22: 2). Adam becomes the porter of the fruit of this tree while later Yeshwa (Jesus) shall represent the man, who is the fruit of life. The tree of life because he had to learn and choose the good.

* Removal of Enoch: Some people think it is taken into heaven without dying, I rather think he dodged death in a particular context, people wanted to kill him for example. The Bible tells us that he died (Hebrews 11: 5 + verse 13). Kidnappings are preserving a kind of man whose mind can renew itself.

* The long life of the patriarchs: Symbolism of many generations which have passed, the most important character are named. The authors don't know the time between the beginning of humanity and their ancestor. The Bible LXX and Peshitta have different numbers, it is sacred or symbolic.

* The Sons of God in Genesis 6: The men of the Eternal were called "son of God", those from the genealogy of Seth. The daughters of men are other men who existed or the descendants of Cain. The Giants (the fallen) are strong men, we know the two men Goliath of the Bible, one of them was killed by King David. We have been learning that Eternal created the mankind and since this time they are many men who multiply on Earth, not only people from the descendance of Adam.

* Noah's Flood: Breaking of water on one or many geographic areas of the planet. As we have said before, "the whole earth" (eretz) may designate a specific geographic territory or the land known at the time (Genesis 6: 8; Colossians 1:23, Romans 10:18, Acts 2: 5, Isaiah 13: 5, Genesis 41:57). The phenomenon was probably global and there were disasters more or less in different places of the planet, the end of the Ice Age begat such upheavals. Several theories attempt to explain the flood of Noah: Opening of the Bosphore, the Scandinavian glacier, a comet, earthquakes, pole inversion...

The Sumerians, Chinese, Indians, Celts of Europe, the Incas of South America, Pygmies in Africa, Alaska, Australia, China, India, Lithuania people talking about a flood. It is still obvious to see the homogeneity of floods remains in the collective memory and we cannot ignore this fact.

Compared to the Bible story, the narrative is aligned in its figures, the boat if it existed with its dimensions, represents man saved from disasters through the words of the Eternal. This is the image used for baptism. The myth is aligned as in other cultures, we must not forget that the transmission was oral before the period of Scripture. Note that the Hebrew word for "mountain "can mean "hill". also read Psalm 104, which speaks of the time of the creation rather than the deluge, the text says that water will no longer cover the earth (Genesis 1: 2).

The Rainbow was used as a sign to tell the Eternal won't pour out discharge water this way on Earth, above all in Mesopotamia.

* Tower of Babel: Different languages existed before the episode of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 10: 5), this is further proof that we speak of a special land, a nation. We need a simple and pure heart to not give birth to a civilization that rises itself above all the gods. Today, the man who mastered the science can achieve horrors as child creation in laboratories for trade. They have worshiped the god of money and of the ihumanity.


Reference source :

¹ Rashi in the Targum Yonathan, Berèchith 3,22.

² Note of the "Bible anotée" in french.


also surnamed Hans

September, 2014